We  are  going  through  a  revolution  in  synthetic biology.  Through  synthetic biology, we have realized the process from the design of biological elements to the  design  of living  organisms, thereby improving  the ability of microbial cell factories  to  produce  chemicals.  The  new  strains and   processes   we   create can effectively replace traditional processes, and significantly  reduce pollution and energy consumption, thereby further improving the  technological level of traditional industries.

Artificial design cell factory

By  transforming  cells  to produce  drugs, food, and materials, they can  even  be transformed  into bioreceptor  factories  for diagnostics.  On  this  basis, the  cell is able to produce various natural  products,  or some  other  substances  that cannot be synthesized by natural organisms.

Artificial design cell factory

By transforming cells to produce drugs, food, and materials, they can even be transformed into bioreceptor factories for diagnostics. On this basis, the cell is able to produce various natural products, or some other substances that cannot be synthesized by natural organisms.


Strain transformation

Development of AI

Enzyme design


Our team is composed of masters and doctors from scientific research institutions,

and  we  share  a  common   goal:  using  biotechnology  to  I'm  world  change.

Innovation and cooperation

Promote the commercialization of products for human health, agriculture, environmental management and other purposes


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