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We’re  undergoing  a  revolution  in  synthetic  biology Synthetic  biology  has  brought people from the era of “reading” genetic information to the stage of “writing” new life, realized the true genetic design. It will change manufacturing in the 21st century

Enzyme name Catalytic substrate Product
UDP-Glucuronosyltransferases,UGTs Rebaudioside A Rebaudioside D
Phloretin 4'-O-Glucosyltransferase MdPh-4'-OGT Phloretin Trilobatin
Hydroquinone glucosyltransferase Hydroquinone HydroquinoneO -β- D - Glucopyranoside
Sinapinic acid 1-Glucosyltransferase E-Sinapinic acid 1-O-(trans-Sinapoyl)-β- D -Glucose
Cinnamate β-D-Glucosyltransferase ( E )-Cinnamate 1- O -(trans-Cinnamoyl-β- D -Glucose
Kaempferol 3-O-Galactosyltransferase Kaempferol H + + Kaempferol3- O -β- D -Galactoside
Hydroxymandelonitrile Glucosyltransferase 4-Hydroxymandelonitrile Taxusin
Chitin Synthase (1→4) -N-Acetyl-β- D- Glucosamine ((1→4) -N-Acetyl-β- D- Glucosamine)(n+1) 
Flavonol-3-O-Glucosyltransferase Flavonol-3-O- β- D -Glucosidase Flavonol-3-O- β- D -Glucosyl-(1→2)-β- D -Glucosidase
Flavone 7-O-β-Glucosyltransferase Luteolin Luteolin 7- O -β- D -Glucosidase
Linamarin Synthase 2-Hydroxyl -2-Methylpropionitrile Linamarin
Cyanidin 3-O-Glucosyltransferase Cyanidin Cyanidin 3- O -β- D -Glucosidase
Scopolamine Glucosyltransferase Scopoletin Scopolin
Hyaluronic acid Synthase Hyaluronic acid NAcetyl-β- D- Glucosamine-(1→4)-[Hyaluronic acid]
Ginsengrootextract Rd Glucosyltransferase (20 S )-Ginsengrootextract Rd (20 S )-Ginsengrootextract Rb1
Hydroxycinnamate 4-β-Glucosyltransferase ( E )-Coumalic acid salt 4- O -(β- D -Glucosyl-)-trans-4-Coumalic acid salt
Baicalein 7-O-Glucuronosyltransferases Baicalein Baicalin
Crocin Glucosyltransferase β- D-Gentiobiosyl Crocin β- D-Gentiobiosyl β- D-Glucosyl-Crocin
Chalcone 4'-O-Glucosyltransferase 2',4,4',6'-Tetrahydroxychalcone 2',4,4',6'-Tetrahydroxychalcone 4'- O -β- D -Glucosidase